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The man who sold the world

It was a cold and foggy morning in Wales. It was the year 1869 and at Fizbury’s house every single member of this family seemed to be sleeping. The mansion was enormous, with 2 floors, revealing the family luxury, which belonged to this family for many generations. It all made this house a singular place.

In the kitchen some of the employees were busy preparing breakfast while the others were putting the table on the dinning room. The dinning room was the biggest part of the house. It was a very illuminated place, full of windows at one and other side (which were almost always open), decorated with paintings from the most esteemed painters like Van Gogh. At the end a fireplace all rock made, flanked by two busts of the family ancestors. The table extended itself in the middle of the division, made by the finest wood and polished, reflecting the few sun’s rays.

Only 4 of the 10 rooms were engaged. The master room was taken by the family “chief” Victor (40) a much respected banker (and proud too) and his wife Catherine (36), the finest, nicest lady of that region. The other rooms were lodged by Catherine’s mother and owner of the house, Victoria (54), who was a widow and once the First lady of Wales; by Theresa (16), the oldest kid of the couple and by Michael, the thirteen-year-old son.
On that house, there were 15 employees. Two of them, the steward George and the cook master Felicia, were just like family. They worked there since Victoria’s parents were kids.
It was almost 8 a.m. George walked upstairs and woke the masters, always with a big smile on his face, wrinkled by the years. “It’s now time to wake, let’s go you lazy people” he said kindly when he entered on Michael’s room. The two of them had a special relationship; in fact, Michael used to have the gift to make friends and collect the sympathy of all people. Michael was very kind and intelligent; he was a precocious child, bright and an easy-learner, which made the family very proud. He liked to go to the library and read some of the hardest books, those who need a high knowledge and a profound reflection.
The family assembled itself on the table to have breakfast. On a rich table like that we could see an enormous variety of food. As usual, the all family started to eat in silence. Although this family was rich and prosperous, it had a big lack of communication in part caused by Victor and the grandmother; Victoria couldn’t stand her son-in-law; and the kids due to their father’s arrogance, severity and rudeness.
Victor was a wealthy man, a much respected banker and family father, but in fact his family didn’t mean anything to him. He passed his days at work, and had only a short amount of time with his family.

On those days, the family was not as wealthy as it used to be; in fact their money was getting short to support all the family. Victor was upset and worried about that: since he wouldn’t like to hear that he couldn’t support his own family; that would make him loose his head.
After going to work on that day Victor got his life’s business: the wealthiest man on Wales came to him and made him an offer. It was an irresistible offer: if Victor wanted to win a lot of money he would have to sell his son. That wealthy man was married but his wife couldn’t have children, so he wanted to adopt. Michael was told to be one of the most intelligent boys that were born in Wales, so Mr. Forgein thought that Michael was the best choice for a son. Victor didn’t even think twice, he accepted instantly that offer!
The business was agreed: Michael would be the newest member of the family Foreign and the Fizbury house would become richer.

So, with no regret nor mercy, Victor came back home, like he used to do. The family had dinner peacefully. At table the silence was predominant, despite the sound of the forks, spoons or knifes beating on the plates.
The dinning room was now dark and with all the curtains closed. The only light on that room came from an oil lamp in the middle of the table. With all that darkness, the dinning room seemed scary and full of secrets.

Suddenly, Victor got up and talked very excited:
“Today I made a splendid business with Mr. Forgein. We are going to be rich again!”
Everyone was happy with that discourse. But Victor added:
“Everyone except you Michael. The business was a trade: Mr. Forgein will invest on my bank in exchange of you. You are going to be his son!”
Michael laughed nervously, but the rest of the family, knowing well that man, were astonished. “How could he do that? What a cold and hard heart was that, that could sell his own son?” – thought grandmother.
“No, Victor. You can’t be serious! Think about it: you’re selling a person not an animal! And your own son? You must be mad!” – replied Catherine. It was the 1st time that she refuted her husband.

“Don’t tell me what I could or not do, stupid woman! He is my son, I know it. So, I can sell him! We need the money anyway.” – Victor shouted.
“Father, oh father! I’m YOUR son, can’t you see? Yours, not Forgein’s. I want to stay home and live with all of you. If I am alive is because of you. You brought me into life, fed me and gave me all your love. If I am a person today, that is because of this family’s love and understanding! I love you all! And I know that you love me too. We are just passing by a hard and difficult time, that’s all! This will pass, you’ll see. But keep me with you, father!” – alleged Michael crying.

“No, no you brat! I will not loose this opportunity! Don’t give me your sentimentalisms!” – Victor assumed. He caught Michael by an arm while he was crying, and dragged him into his room to prepare him to go away. The other members of the family ran after them screaming and telling Victor to stop doing that! He was really mad and the money had given a twist on Victor’s brain.

“You will go with Mr. Forgein and I will get the money”- he said to Michael while putting his things on a bag. “And don’t even thing of returning to this house!”
Michael was crying loudly. That scene was extremely bizarre and sad. A father was obliging his own son to leave his house, and the rest of the family was screaming because all that was madness.

Catherine finally had a position: “My son is not going away! He is going to stay here as long as he wishes so! And it won’t be you or anybody else that is going to say that he can’t stay! Did you hear me, Victor? He is mine and he is not going to live with a strange family!”
Victor gave a punch on his wife’s face. Theresa and Victoria promptly helped her.
“You’re my wife! You cannot tell me what to do! I am the man of this family and I’m the one who takes all the decisions and I have decided that Michael is going to be our salvation!” Victor told her as a threat.

Catherine retired the room to wash her face which was full of blood. But on that room, Victor was still putting Michael’s stuff on a bag, as he laughed madly.
“Now it’s time, my son” – madly he exclaimed – “we’re going tonight to give you to Mr. Forgein”.
What happened next was very quick: Catherine, wishing to release his son from his father’s mad arms, grabbed a gun and walked into Michael’s room. There she shot Victor on his leg, and shot again on his right part of the chest. He fell down. The family gathered around the fallen father.

“Father! Are you OK?” – asked Theresa
“I didn’t… I didn’t want to kill you. But I had no choice, I had to stop you!” – said Catherine with her eyes full of tears.
Everyone was crying for the fallen father.
“Don’t cry, you stupid people. I don’t deserve it! Please let me here dying. Yes, that’s what I deserve” cried Victor.
“No father. We love you, you cannot leave us!” – replied Michael.
“What are you saying? I tried to sell you! I don’t deserve to be your father Michael, or Theresa’s. I’m a bad father.” – Victor said sadly – “Now, before I die, I only want something: I need your pardon. I know that I was always a missing father and I didn’t give you the attention you needed or deserved. I was always very rude and severe with you, but I thought I was doing well. That money thing was making me crazy. I didn’t want to hear that I couldn’t afford and support all this family needs!” – He stopped and let a tear fall – “And Michael, I… I was totally mad. How could I even think of giving my own son? I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I love you Michael, and I… I was jealous of you. You were always smart and perfect in everything, one of my father’s dreams that I couldn’t make come true…”

“Father don’t…” – Started Michael.
“I have to say this… I love you Michael and I know that I don’t deserve but I need your pardon to die in peace. I know that you are feeling an enormous anger inside of you and you wish me dead. I was nothing but a bad father and awful husband but… but I have to hear the words ‘I forgive you’ from your mouth Michael.” – whispered Victor almost with no strength.
“I forgive you father. I’m not angry. My feelings about you haven’t changed a bit. I still want you to be by my side and teach me like you used to do. Remember when we were in a museum and you taught me everything about art and answered all my questions? Remember when I fell into a river and you jumped to save me? You were always there whenever I needed you, and I didn’t even have to call you! Father, how could you think I didn’t love you?” – said Michael in a discourse that would make every stone cry.
“Now I can die in peace” – whispered Victor again.

“Please don’t die! I need you! I need your teaching! Please God, don’t take this beloved father from me! What has he done to You? He was always a good father. He didn’t let anything miss to his family. That’s why he made this little madness, because he loves us! What God are You that is taking from us the most precious person we have! – screamed Michael talking to God.
“Michael, you’re better than I thought. Thank you for letting me be your father. It was an honour and a gift I didn’t think it could be real.” – and Victor died, on that fatidic night of 3rd July 1869.
“We know that you are in Heaven looking for us” – said Theresa – “And you will watch for us every day. We will pray for you, the beloved father and husband who fought for this family like nobody”
Everyone sketched a smile.
“Sometimes the ways of life are confusing but they always end on death. Sometimes we can’t understand why, but we should trust because life is not fair: it is real.”
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